Saga of the New Tivo, Part II

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I slept in on the day of Tina’s birthday (November 10) and arose shortly after she left for art class. After getting ready for work, I opened the box with the new DirecTV Tivo (DTivo) and prepared for installation.

When we first had DirecTV (DTV) installed, they installed our DTivo in the living room (although everybody in the house calls it the “Big TV Room”), a single receiver in the bedroom and a small dish on the north side of the roof. The dish has four coaxial outputs with two going to the DTivo, one going back to the bedroom and one capped.

Thus, my initial plan was simply to replace the receiver with the new DTivo and let the DTivo run on just one satellite channel for awhile until I could run another coax cable from one end of the house to the other. I thought it would be just a matter of unplugging the receiver, plugging in the DTivo and going through the activation process. Well, it started out that easy.

I swapped the DTivo for the receiver and placed the DTivo where her VCR used to be in order to make it as unobtrusive as possible. I would return the VCR upon her request later. I called in to DTV and had them activate the DTivo and verified that all was working well. I even setup a couple of “Season Passes” for her before putting the old receiver in the box and putting the box back where it had been, seemingly making it all look unchanged. Then I departed for work secure in the knowledge that I had delivered another fabulous birthday gift to my lovely and deserving wife.

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