Standing by peaceful waters

On Friday we journeyed to Coos Bay to attend the memorial service for Tina’s grandmother, Ruth, who died a couple of months ago. Ruth had Alzheimer’s disease during her last years, so her passing brought about mixed emotions. Although it probably sounds weird, the funeral was one of the best I have ever attended. You can read all about it on Tina’s blog.

While we were there, we stayed at The Mill Casino (mentioned in Vital Statistics a few days ago). I considered playing some no-limit Texas Hold ‘Em but never really got the chance. I did spend about 5 minutes playing a penny slot machine called Mr. Cashman. After I read the help screen and switched to playing all three lines, I put myself in the black quickly and not long after that won big. I walked away with a 480% profit on my $1 investment.

The drive back yesterday was long and rainy. I noticed my left shoulder popping with even the slightest hand/finger movements so I had to do most of the steering with my right arm, a practice to which I am not accustomed. I thought I might have slept on it wrong and made a note to call my doctor today to get to the bottom of the problem. However, when I walked from the parking garage to my office this morning I realized the cause of my pain – I have been lugging about 15 lbs of laptop around on that shoulder intermittently throughout the weekend. I brought two laptops home for the boys to use in the hotel room. I guess that’s the last time I do that.

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  1. My shoulder and neck were hurting a lot when I lugged my laptop and files to and from work. So I invested the company’s money in a rolling cart. It’s been a real lifesaver (or neck/shoulder saver!).

  2. I just bought one of those for Tina for her birthday. I don’t normally have a problem hauling one laptop, but two was over the top!

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