Rob Kremer on parenting

Oregonian Rob Kremer usually writes about political issues on his blog, but yesterday he wrote this incredible piece about his daughter who recently graduated. One of the commenters there called it “lyrical” which I think is an apt description. He digresses from his ode briefly to ruminate on the nature of parenting:

Woody Allen once said that 90% of success in life is showing up each day. I think that is very true about parenting. Let’s face it – none of us really know what we are doing. We are just winging it, dealing with all the various issues, situations, conflicts and decisions by making day-to-day judgments about what seems right. Showing up – being there – doesn’t take any particular genius, but it just might be the most important part of parenting.

There isn’t any magic formula. Great parents can have kids who stray. Lousy parents can have great kids. Bottom line, we do what we can, and we are all hoping we get lucky.

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Wow. I couldn’t agree more with that last part. Several years ago I asked my mom about the huge responsibility of parenting, particularly about how mistakes you might make could have a huge negative impact on your children’s lives. She said that although she realized that was true, she didn’t think about it much and didn’t regret any of the decisions that she made as a parent. To paraphrase her: “You can only do what you think is right and move on.”