Rory comes home

As I tried to drift off to sleep Sunday night (er, Monday morning), I imagined the conversation that the cats had when Rory appeared again after being gone for three days. Here’s the scene:

Ming is laying on the back of the couch in the library room and Baby is relaxing nearby on the rocker/glider. Butters bursts into the room exclaiming, “Rory’s home! Rory’s home!”

Ming slowly opens his eyes and says, “Rory’s phone? Rory has a phone? Then someone should call her because I haven’t seen her for awhile.”

“NO, MING,” Butters shouts, “I SAID THAT RORY IS HOME!”

“I can barely hear you, boy, you’ll have to speak up! You say Rory’s alone? I bet she is, she’s been gone for awhile.”

“No, no, no, ” says Butters. He turns to Baby and says, “Did YOU hear me? Rory is home!”

Baby blinks at Butters twice and slowly says, “That’s cool, man, because that chick is fun. But I’m just going to hang out here a little longer with Ming. I’m tired and have only napped for 10 hours today. I need to get my sleep so I can tear around after everyone goes to bed.”

“I can’t believe you guys,” Butters tells them, “We should go make sure she’s alright. Come on!”

And with that he runs out of the room as fast as he can. Unfortunately, he’s going too fast to make it around the first corner and slides right into the cabinet where Frederick the Frog lives.

“What the hell’s wrong with you crazy cats?” croaks Frederick. “Let’s see you come up HERE and do that, smarty pants!”

“Oh, sorry, Frederick,” says Butters, “It was an accident. I’ll come visit later.”

Just as he’s saying that, in walks Rory who says, “Hello, boys. Didja miss me?”

5 Replies to “Rory comes home”

  1. Not in my dreams, in my imagination. I thought of this BEFORE I fell asleep.

    Mardy, did I ever tell you that I had intended to write a story for your boys with your 9 cats in it? I wrote character sketches but never got around to the story.

  2. Maybe you and Mindy could collaborate and write a book together! You could sketch out the story and she can fill in the details. She likes the details….

  3. Um…yeah…I don’t have the stick-to-it-iveness to follow through on a whole BOOK! I would never get it done, because I would be going on and on and on with those details!

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