Memorial Day Family Bike Ride

Distance: 11.8 miles
Riding time: 98 minutes
Max speed: 20.3 mph
Average speed: 7.2 mph
Temperature: 70º
Soundtrack: n/a


  • I-84 bike path to NE Fairview Parkway
  • Fairview Parkway to Sandy Boulevard
  • Sandy to 223rd Ave
  • 223rd to Blue Lake Road
  • Blue Lake Road to Blue Lake Park
  • Rode trails in Blue Lake Park
  • Marine Drive to 158th Ave
  • 158th through subdivision to Fremont
  • Fremont to 156th Ave
  • 156th to home via “the private drive”
We had meant to go on a family bike ride all weekend but laziness and other plans conspired to keep us off our bikes until today. Originally, I had just planned to take the bike path to the end and then turn around and head home, but Graham wanted to try riding to Blue Lake so we did it. Tina packed a lunch so we had a little picnic before riding the nature trails and then heading home on Marine Drive. Graham is still very cautious about going downhill almost to the point of his slowness being more dangerous than going fast. In particular, he brakes on steep hills so hard that it makes his steering shakier. Still, he’s going faster on flat stretches and has markedly improved his ability to go in a straight line. We all felt a little rubber-legged when we got home but not too bad. We’ll ride again some evening this week, I hope.