Doctor Spock’s backup band

Wednesday, November 11, 2009, 3:45 PM

Jackie's Tweet

(switch to chat client)

Mick: dude

(wait 30 seconds and then send text message: “Are TMBG really playing at Jackie’s work?”)

Jonathan: yeah
Mick: Ooops, just sent you a text message
Jonathan: yes they are
Mick: holy shit
Jonathan: beavo powells
Mick: admission?
Mick: what time?
Jonathan: free
Jonathan: i can call her
Mick: please
Mick: G is a huge fan

They Might Be Giants at the Beaverton Powell's
They Might Be Giants at the Beaverton Powell's

Jonathan: let me see if she answers
Jonathan: oh man that would be cool then
Mick: Cedar Hills Crossing?
Jonathan: yes
Jonathan: 4:30 free
Mick: [explitive deleted]!
Jonathan: they are playing songs from a kids thing they do..
Mick: omg
Jonathan: jackie said there are 100 people there
Jonathan: mini drum kit and mini stage
Jonathan: from a book called “kids go”
Mick: 100 already?
Jonathan: TMBG are a big band
Jonathan: free show
Jonathan: of course 100:)
Mick: think if we get there in 40 minutes we will get in?
Jonathan: i dont know
Jonathan: sorry
Jonathan: traffic is less bad today since its a holiday
Mick: awesome
Mick: no need to apologize
Mick: the boys are hopping
Mick: we’re leaving in 5
Jonathan: haha good luck

(run to the other side of the house yelling, “Get dressed, we’re going to Beaverton!”)