News from the Bubble: Welfare Drug Testing

A friend of mine added this to his Facebook photos today:

My first reaction was to add this comment:

I’d rather see nobody drug-tested. Doesn’t that make more sense?

Then, since I remembered reading about Rick Scott’s program in Florida some time ago, I googled “florida drug testing welfare“. I skimmed two articles and added this comment:

BTW, Florida spent more money testing than they saved cutting benefits for those who tested positive. They also found that only 2.6% of those tested were drug users. Compared to Florida’s rate of 8.13% among the general population, it showed that welfare recipients actually use drugs less than everyone else.

What I didn’t mention is that Florida’s Republican Governor, Rick Scott, has a conflict of interest in passing this law. You see, Scott started a medical services company called Solantic which offers “drug screen” as one of it’s services for employers. Shortly before he took office, Governor Scott gave all of his shares in Solantic to a trust owned by his wife. That trust now owns a controlling interest in the corporation so the Governor can claim that there is no conflict of interest.

Also notable is that Scott’s new law (which is currently under judicial review) is also applicable to Florida’s government workforce. Do we really care if someone from the DMV is getting high after work?