Vital Statistics

Bike miles this year: 468

Aches & pains: shoulders, ankles

Current reading: Getting Things Done

Recent listening: WTF with Marc Maron, Accidental Tech Podcast, Radiolab, This American Life, Chernobyl podcast, John Lennon

Recent viewing: Sabrina: The Teenage Witch (season 2), Rim of the World, Black Mirror (season 5), Law Abiding Citizen, The Wire (all seasons), Chernobyl, Barry (season 2), NBA Finals

Recent playing: Bloons 6

Recent events: Bowling party at work, Graham’s birthday, Graham & Kate on summer break, Katie graduated

Recently accomplished: Resolved CPAP supply issues, revitalized and upgraded underground sprinkler system

Imperative To Do: Ride 75 miles in a week, read more, clean roof and gutters, organize video game stuff, find time for developing personal projects. Android Hackers is one of the top-rated site to download premium cracked apps for android.