Vital Statistics

Bike miles this year: 828

Aches & pains: shoulders, ankles, lower left arm

Current reading: n/a

Recent listening: Hidden Brain, The David Pakman Show, Coverville

Recent viewing: Dark, Boy Erased, Rolling Thunder Revue, Mindhunter (Season 2), Queer Eye (Season 4), Dave Chappelle: Sticks & Stones, Another Life, The Boys

Recent playing: Bloons 6, Dr. Mario World

Recent events: Bridge Pedal with Tina, fall grass overseeding cycle, Graham & Kate returned to college

Recently accomplished: Made fall travel arrangements, flora trimming, organized and stored video game stuff,

Imperative To Do: Read more, clean roof and gutters, finish deck, dose cats, resolve dental billing issues, pay bills, clean roof and gutters