Vital Statistics

Bike miles this year: 0

Aches & pains: right foot (intermittent)

Current reading: n/a

Recent listening: This American Life, Making Sense (podcast), Hidden Brain, Reply-All, Sleep, Tool, Neil Young

Recent viewing: You, The Flash, The Irishman, The Mandelorian, The Morning Show, Don’t F**k With Cats, The Confession Killer, The Devil Next Door, The End of the Fucking World

Recent playing: Borderlands, Patterned

Recent events: Lewis & Clark concerts, Christmas and New Year with the boys and girlfriends, bought a new TV

Recently accomplished: Started YNAB, wall mounted the TV, Xmas shopping, vet trip

Imperative To Do: Read more, clean roof and gutters, resolve medical bills, help Graham prepare for London, start biking again

Vital Statistics

Bike odometer: n/a

Aches & pains: belt line, right shoulder

Current reading: Getting Things Done

Recent listening: Dissect podcast, Greta Van Fleet, Bill Evans, Medulla by Björk, Kendrick Lamar, Hidden Brain, Robot or Not, WTF with Marc Maron, Beastie Boys

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Recent playing: Bloons 6

Recent events: Thomas moved to San Francisco, Graham returned to Lewis & Clark, snowfall in parts of Portland, Kodo at the Schnitz

Recently accomplished: Weekly book reading, vet appointments including chips, office tray reorganization,

Imperative To Do: Ride bike again, read more, exercise, file 2018 taxes, visit Thomas, find wedding rings

Vital Statistics

Bike odometer: 1907

Aches & pains: butt (saddle sore), lower back, right hip (when pedaling)

Current reading: n/a

Recent listening: Waking Up, This American Life, The Joe Rogan Experience, Very Bad Wizards, Hidden Brain, Stuff You Should Know, Electric Light Orchestra

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Recent playing: Montezuma Loops

Recent events: Bridge Pedal, Vernak wedding in Iowa, Graham returned for sophomore year

Recently accomplished: 25 miles/week riding, mowed lawn, laundry, planted grass

Imperative To Do: 100 miles/week riding, clean roof, file manual insurance claims, bariatric surgery, read more

Road Trip 2010 revisited

Awhile back I wrote about a potential future road trip we might take in the summer of 2010. The intent was to visit family and see the sights along the way on a trip that encircled nearly all of the continental U.S. According to my calculations then, the trip would involve 16 days for just the driving, never mind time taken for family and recreation. Given the unlikelihood of having 4 weeks of vacation by next summer (I have about 2 days at this moment), here is a revised itinerary:

  1. Portland
  2. This 1326 mile length will take two days. Stopping point will likely be Salt Lake City.
  3. Colorado Springs (Tina’s dad, Leroy)
    378 miles/5.5 hours
  4. Albuquerque (Jan and Tom)
    1010 miles/14 hours
  5. Houston (home to Tina’s grandfather, TQ)
    354 miles/6 hours
  6. New Orleans (stopping in Baton Rouge to visit my nephew, Wally, for a few hours)
    546 miles/8 hours
  7. Jacksonville (stopping in Pensacola to visit cousin Beth)
    139 miles/2 hours
  8. Savannah (Mardy and Steve)
    765 miles/12 hours
  9. Cleveland (Rock and Roll Hall of Fame)
    344 miles/6 hours
  10. Chicago (various sights)
    377 miles/6.5 hours
  11. Riceville (stopping in Dubuque to visit my old friends, the Sunleafs
  12. This stretch of 1800 miles is a two or three day drive. Stopping points will be dynamic.
  13. Portland

That reduces the trip to 12 or 13 driving days. I would expect we would take extra days in Cleveland and Chicago and have all the equipment for your kids, although we could see the HOF in the morning and drive to Chicago in the evening. We’ll also need several days in Riceville for a probable family reunion.

Road trip 2010

Last week as I chatted with my newly discovered cousin, Beth, I pulled up Google Maps to get a better idea of where she is geographically. Specifically, I wondered how far she lived from my sister, Mardy. It didn’t take long before I realized that a killer road trip could be devised. My first pass at possible destinations yielded this list (see Glossary if you don’t know any of these names):

  1. Portland: Our home.
  2. San Francisco: Home to Uncle Ralph, Aunt Carol and cousins David and Danielle.
  3. Moreno Valley: Home to Maridee, Steve, Trisha and Michael.
  4. Phoenix: Home to Michelle, Ric, Xander and Wil.
  5. Albuquerque: Home to Jan and Tom.
  6. Austin: One of America’s music capitols. Need to find worthy venues to visit here.
  7. Houston: Home to TQ, Tina’s grandfather.
  8. New Orleans: Another of America’s music capitols. Will probably need a couple of days here. Any suggestions for family friendly spots?
  9. Pensacola: Home to Beth and her family.
  10. Jacksonville: Home to Mike, Micah and his family.
  11. Savannah: Home to Mardy, Steve, Barrett and Kendrick & his family. We should spend at least three days here.
  12. Charleston: My old stomping grounds and historic southern city.
  13. Washington, D.C.: Our nations capitol. We would want to spend more than one day here visiting monuments and historical curiosities.
  14. Philadelphia: A natural follow-up to a visit to D.C.
  15. New York: The boys have a long list of places they want to visit here so this might also take a few days.
  16. Cleveland: Home to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
  17. Madison: My cousins Dee and Jon live near here.
  18. Riceville: My little hometown where my 25th class reunion will be held in 2010.
  19. Colorado Springs: Tina’s cousins, Natians and Kelly live nearby.
  20. Salt Lake City: Much maligned but beautiful city.
  21. Portland: Our home.

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Just a few more hours

A few years ago I started a little Wiki project with the goal of gathering all the data documenting my father’s family tree. I spent many hours entering, formatting and editing the data. Eventually, other people joined in and we managed to document almost all of the basic facts for everyone in my family from my grandparents to my many cousins. At some point, the project became stagnant because we had reached an end to our participants’ knowledge and there was simply no more information to add. And so the Ring Family Wiki sat idle for a couple of years.

And then yesterday I got an email notice from Wikispaces that somebody wanted to join the wiki. It came with this message:

My name is Elizabeth (Ring) Rowe… I am Elmer Ring’s youngest daughter

Elmer was my dad’s youngest brother and moved to Florida back in the 70s. His family sort of fell out of touch with the rest of our family, especially after Elmer died in 2004. I logged in to the site and found the following email:

Just curious as to how we would be related. I found this site by shear dumb curiosity and recognized the old photo of Grandma Ring and family. I will try to clear up any information that I can help with, unfortunately Dad died in January of 2004, but I still remember some things and what I don’t remember I can find out. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. 🙂 Hope to hear from you soon!!

Cool, eh? I immediately approved the membership request and her 10 edits were immediately applied. I replied back to her and she sent me her Yahoo name and we’ve been chatting since. She forwarded the website URL to her sister Cathy, who has also started updating the Wiki and improved the marketing on the site with companies as The Indexer that helped with this. It’s good news for everyone in the family, I think.

If you want to email Elizabeth, she is on with a user name of mizzb31. I’ll leave it to you to put those together to form an email address. She’s also available on Yahoo chat.

I want to wish you a Merry Christmas

We’re safe and sound in Scottsdale, AZ, after two and a half wonderful days of visiting family. We left Friday afternoon to get a jump on the trip and drove to Medford, OR, where we stayed at Motel 6 for the night. The next day we drove to Lafayette, CA, to visit Uncle Ralph, Aunt Carol and cousins Danielle and David. Yesterday we drove from the East Bay through the California Central Valley to my sister’s house in Moreno Valley, CA. After a very restful night in their RV, we had a shorter drive to Scottsdale where Tina’s sister and her family live. The smell of Mexican food is pervading the house and Thomas and Graham are excited to play with their cousins, Xander and Wil. We are glad to be at the end of the long drive but we really enjoyed seeing everyone along the way. Thanks to everyone for the wonderful food and company along the way. Feliz navidad!