Daily Habit Goals, March

Time[attr style=”width:50px”],Action
06:15,Get out of bed
,Clean bite guard
,Blood sugar
06:30,Make coffee
,Kitchen chores while waiting
,Make/eat peanut butter toast (15g carbs)
7:00,Ride to work
12:30,Lunch (60g carbs)
17:00,Ride home
18:30,Dinner (60g carbs)
21:00,Free time for…
,…Reading books
21:15,Brush teeth
,Bite guard

Vital Statistics

Aches & pains: sciatica, ankles

Current reading: The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg, iOS Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide, Cracking the Code Interview by Gayle Laakmann McDowell

Recent listening: Cop Killer by Body Count, Anthology 1964-1977 by Johnny Rivers, These Foolish Things by Bryan Ferry, Garcia Plays Dylan, Neon Bible by Arcade Fire, The Doggfather by Snoop Dogg, Slow Train Coming by Bob Dylan, S-Town (podcast)

Recent viewing: Big Little Lies, Homeland, Billions, Scandal, The Last Man on Earth, Dave Chappelle: Collection 1, Marvel’s Iron Fist, The Crown

Recent playing: n/a

Recently accomplished: Replaced CR-V, changed insurance agent, cleaned roof & gutters, job interviews, The Daily Bowie

Imperative To Do: Write Mother’s article, find a job

Daily habit goals for 2017

Time[attr style=”width:50px”],Action
08:30,Brush teeth
,Blood sugar
,Start hot water
09:00,Make coffee
,Make/eat protein breakfast*
09:15,Begin work
09:30,Medications (second cup)
11:30,Lunch: (tbd) calories and (tbd) carbs
13:00,Blood sugar
18:00,Dinner: (tbd) calories and (tbd) carbs
19:30,Free time for…
,…Reading books
,…Second walk
22:00,Brush teeth

* eggs, snack pack, peanut butter toast, cottage cheese, string cheese