Vital Statistics

Aches & pains: slightly sore left elbow and shoulder

Current reading: Getting Things Done by David Allen

Recent listening: Waking Up with Sam Harris, The Accidental Tech Podcast, Radiolab, This American Life

Recent viewing: Saturday Night Live, The Frankenstein Chronicles, The Looming Tower, The Last Man on Earth, Jessica Jones (Season 2), Scandal, The Naked Truth (Season 1), Godless

Recent playing: n/a

Recently accomplished: Got a job (4 month contract), bike riding to work, replaced dishwasher, completed physical therapy for dislocated elbow

Imperative To Do: Take Butters to the vet, 100 miles/week riding, lower grade to 8 inches, reduce CPAP leakage

Happy Mother’s Day

Graham quietly woke me shortly after 7:00 this morning so I could help him prepare our annual “surprise” Mother’s Day breakfast. We made our plan and I advised him that we should wait until at least 8:00 before starting it. Graham watched TV while I napped on the couch until Tina came out at 7:45 asking where everybody had gone. I emphatically told her that she should go back to bed and she eventually understood. Graham and I then went to work making french toast, warm syrup and with orange slices on the side. We served it to Tina in bed but she decided to bring it out to the kitchen since we don’t have a good tray for eating in bed anymore.

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