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Sorry for not writing

I apologize for not writing but I have good news. I will be writing every week on wednesday. I will write about Jarold the boy.



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So I haven’t written in a while I will attempt to write more. but I do have some news: I got $400 for my birthday haven’t spent it yet. Went to camp read more at my Mom’s website. Most importantly had fun.

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Ok so I`m starting some events on my blog to see when they are check next time I blog[Look on feed]Today is YAYDAY!You celebrate by looking at people`s blog.It is the 22 of every month.Don`t forget A,B,C,D vote today.

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So taday I got back from my first sleepover!And I might go BOWLING!Theres more I got some Resaults so for morning Jumpstart my choices are:A:lunch in class with teacher and a friend.B:go to computer lab and play games and not at recess.C:My teacher buys me something from store.D:Something from the book order.I`m thinking what I should choose.If you look please leave a comment on which one. example:A,B,C,D,.Also I am gonna start writing more.That excludes this weeks news!

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