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So taday I got back from my first sleepover!And I might go BOWLING!Theres more I got some Resaults so for morning Jumpstart my choices are:A:lunch in class with teacher and a friend.B:go to computer lab and play games and not at recess.C:My teacher buys me something from store.D:Something from the book order.I`m thinking what I should choose.If you look please leave a comment on which one. example:A,B,C,D,.Also I am gonna start writing more.That excludes this weeks news!

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My teacher cussed in class!

So funny story. My teacher was giving an example on cause and effect.She said “Table six is talking” that is the cause the effect I am bleeped”.She said the p-word.It`s another word for angry.After that she said “sorry for my nonappropiateness at your school”.Her name is Ms.Larush.

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A thought

I think that I am weird it`s true and here is a tip:Don`t go to Margeret Scott Elementary it sucks I hate that school.Today I filled up my Morning Jumpstart sticker chart I get,Something….I`m gonna ask for a bouldozer to DESTROY THE SCHOOL!HAHAHAHAHAHBWAHAHAHAHBWHAHAHAHAH!OH And a well something to clean it up



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So why don`t you do the trash and live?Cause i`ll support you to the end of so come and haunt me for the rest of my life and because I wrote this song for you this day forward I promise to write more song`s until the endand because of one thing I get excited that thing is you so why dont you do the trash.I`ll sing this song in the end because it`s true and you know it because it is true to you.So think why?

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The Battle of Good and Evil

Once upon a time there was a baby devil. His name was Brian. He grew in America. Scientists captured him. They called him Satan… he was the first Devil alive. There was also a baby angel named Brendon. He grew and got captured by scientists. They called him Jesus. There was a horrible explosion letting Satan free. Jesus also got free. They fought and started a World War.

The End


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