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Should there be more days cut in schools to help save money for the Reynolds School District?

4th and 5th graders in the Friday Talented and Gifted class were working on a science project. But sadly the 4th and 5th graders didn’t get nearly as much time as needed because of days cut to save more money for the school district. In fact, days cut could have destroyed chances of learning new things or understanding the Earth. Do you really want your kid’s education to go in the trash? That’s why I am fighting days cut to help save money for the school district. That way the 4th and 5th graders can learn more and get a real education.

       One reason that I am fighting for no more days cut is that it has led to loss of education. Schools that don’t have enough money get no more money because the Department of Education gave them insufficient funds. Just because of that we suffer a loss of education. I understand that we need money but we should get it some other way. If kids lose education we won’t get good jobs or get enough money to support families. That’s why I think loss of education on days cut is bad.

       Another reason I dislike cut days is that kids stay home and rot their brains watching TV. It has been shown that kids forget at least 15% of what they were taught when they don’t keep their brains active. Basically if you watch a lot of TV then you forget little bits of memory. So if there is less school then they might forget what they just learned. If a kid worked and worked then forgot what he worked on because he didn’t completely get it in his head it would be terrible. That is what would happen with more cut days.

       My last reason is that if kids have less school it means more work. More work makes them get nervous about not finishing which makes it so they have more homework. More homework makes it so they can’t go outside for any athletics, which makes them unhealthy. That means they are in danger of being obese. Living a mentally and physically healthy lifestyle is important.

       A few reasons are low education, forgetting vital information, and more work. Those are why I think days cut are bad. All information is true. The information was found at, Christine Taylor, and the Oregonian. If you have any questions contact Graham Ring. Thank you for reading my paper and I hope you agree with me. If you can go to a school board meeting let your voice be heard and go.

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