Vital Statistics

Bike odometer: 466
Weight lost: 50 lbs.
Hours of sleep last night: 9
Hours billed this week: 24
Meetings today: 3
Current reading: The Prince by Machiavelli, Feminism Is For Everybody by Bell Hooks
Recent listening: Coverville, DrugMusic
Recent viewing: Without A Trace, Battlestar Galactica, Dr. Who, And You Don’t Stop, Everest, Countdown, Sportscenter, The Colbert Report
Recent playing: Sketchfighter
Recently accomplished: Sorted and stored computer stuff in garage
Imperative To Do: Finish garage, finish old blog entries, call mechanic, build new computer for Thomas, rake, clean garage, fix laundry room door, RMA old Tivo drive, Best of 2006, memory rebate
Cool Link: Wil Wheaton reviews Guitar Hero II

2 Replies to “Vital Statistics”

  1. So now you’re keeping track of the number of meetings you attend each day? I’ve got you beat–hands down!

  2. I only note stuff like that when it’s out of the ordinary. Considering that those three meetings took up about 3/4 of my day, I thought it was significant. I felt like I accomplished nothing.

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