Vital Statistics

Bike miles in 2020: 92

Aches & pains: right ankle and foot, back of my head, right elbow

Current reading: n/a

Recent listening: You Need a Budget podcast, Hidden Brain, Reply All, Radiolab, Van Halen II, Small Change by Tom Waits

Recent viewing: World Series game 5, NBA Finals, Raised by Wolves, Schitt’s Creek, Queen’s Gambit, Tehran, Ted Lasso, Class Action Park, The Boys, Lovecraft Country

Recent playing: Outlanders

Recent events: kitchen remodel completed, sustained a subarachnoid hematoma

Recently accomplished: back yard renovation, cleaned roof & gutters (with Graham), new outlets in dining room, GFCI outlet outside, hauled off yard debris & junk

Imperative To Do: finish refinancing mortgage, finish unpacking boxes, vote, winterize, buy a new refrigerator

Vital Statistics

Aches & pains: n/a

Current reading: The Drama of the Gifted Child by Alice Miller

Recent listening: Very Bad Wizards, Coverville

Recent viewing: Stranger Things 2, Mindhunter, Mr. Robot, World Series (Game 5), Ex Machina, Arrival

Recent playing: n/a

Recently accomplished: 48 bike miles/week, finished painting the house, planted remaining grass

Imperative To Do: Get a job, Tina’s birthday present, lower grade to 8 inches, organize/clean garage

Vital Statistics

Aches & pains: left leg numbness and itching

Current reading: n/a

Recent listening: The Kingston Trio, Arlo Guthrie, They Might Be Giants, The Beach Boys, Rick Nelson, Frankie Vallie & the Four Seasons, Back To Mono, Live at the Apollo, Bach on Wood, Sublime

Recent viewing: Falling Skies, Homeland, Breaking Bad, Warehouse 13, 2012 Olympics

Recent playing: Plants vs. Zombies, Words with Friends, Monsters Ate My Condo

Recently accomplished: Mortgage refinancing, hair cut, the start of using the black castor oil, Crater Lake/Roseburg loop, Roundup weeds, mowed lawn

Imperative To Do: Vacuum, make doctor appointments, mail packages, turn compost, trim butterfly bushes, Troop 820 can recycling, refinish deck

Vital Statistics

Aches & pains: none

Current reading: The Big Book of Basketball by Bill Simmons

Recent listening: Frank Zappa, Pink Floyd, Jane Siberry, Sam Cooke, Donovan, Nanci Griffith, John Frusciante, Deadmau5, Florence & the Machine, Earth, Wind & Fire

Recent viewing: Dexter, Twin Peaks, Anvil: The Story of Anvil, Winnebago Man, NFL Playoffs

Recent playing: DropZap, Words with Friends, Temple Run

Recently accomplished: Mowed lawn to remove most leaves, taxi service, Christmas tree recyling

Imperative To Do: Finish Neil Young “liner notes”, finish 2011 FY for Troop 820, clean office, pay bills, call DirecTV, Troop 820 can recycling

Vital Statistics

Aches & pains: ankles
Current reading: Little Heathens by Mildred Armstrong Kalish
Recent listening: Les Paul & Mary Ford, The Mothers of Invention, Slick Rick, Gershwin, Jane Siberry, Glenn Miller, Brave Combo, Buckethead, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, King Crimson, Neil Young, Steve Goodman, Woody Guthrie
Recent viewing: Young & Innocent, Stage Fright, Rockford Files, Murphy’s Romance, Disturbing the Universe, Nova, WWII in HD, Alice in Wonderland, Long Day’s Journey Into the Night (aborted), More Than a Game, NBA Basketball, Hawkeye Football
Recent playing: Words with Friends, Fieldrunners, Pinball HD
Recently accomplished: Played “adult in charge” at recent Troop 820 campout, fixed broken gate, fixed leaky toilet, winterization
Imperative To Do: Resume biking, lingering Troop 820 issues, desk cleanup, Xmas shopping

Vital Statistics

Bike odometer: 2567
Aches & pains: sore sinuses
Current reading: Timeline by Michael Crichton, Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom by Corey Doctorow
Recent listening: Fairground Attraction, Essential Rarities by The Doors, Love and Rockets, Live at the Olympia by R.E.M.
Recent viewing: Jericho (Season One), Beef, Overnight, Capturing the Freedmans, Orgazmo, Everest: Beyond the Limit (Season Two), Die Hard, NFL Wildcard Playoffs
Recent playing: geoDefense, Link4 Online
Recently accomplished: Christmas tree recycling, grocery shopping, replaced furnace filters
Imperative To Do: Clean gutters, hook up antenna in the attic, get passport, clean office, clean roof, fix bathroom door (again)

Vital Statistics

Bike odometer: 2567
Aches & pains: numbness in left thigh, minor stomach flu, congestion, cough, sore right hip
Current reading: Fun Home by Alison Bechdel, Red Planet by Robert A. Heinlein, I Am America (and So Can You) by Stephen Colbert
Recent listening: Run DMC, Bach, The Doors, Neil Young, Fairground Attraction, News from Lake Wobegon
Recent viewing: Deadwood, Countdown, The Rachel Maddow Show, How I Met Your Mother, The National Parks, Arrested Development, Nova, football
Recent playing: geoDefense
Recently accomplished: Tina’s 40th birthday party, Christmas shopping (most), vacuumed office
Imperative To Do: Clean gutters, put antenna in the attic, get passport, clean office, finish Best of 2008, rebates, clean roof

Vital Statistics

Bike odometer: 2557
Aches & pains: sore back and sciatic nerve
Current reading: My Name Is Red by Orhan Pamuk, Dry: A Memoir by Augusten Burroughs
Recent listening: Warren Zevon, The Beatles, Bright Eyes
Recent viewing: Iowa vs. Wisconsin, Wartburg vs. Coe, miles of Iowa corn & beans
Recent playing: Doodle Jump
Recently accomplished: Iowa trip planning, visited Sunleafs in Dubuque, met J. Kelly Poole in Cedar Falls, Wartburg Homecoming 2009
People I was lucky enough to see while in Iowa: Troy Munn, Mindy Eastmann, Kalen “Bubby” Eastmann, Taran Eastmann, Mark & Kathi Ring, Logan Ring, Kent Ring, Berdean Ring, Kathryn Warburton, Lorell & Myrtle Christensen, Michelle Cummings, Frank Fox, Jeff Mitchell, Annette Adams, Carl & Kristy Borchardt, Randy Maravetz, Jeff Fox, Art & Amy Sunleaf, Maja Sunleaf, “Belle” Sunleaf, Lizzie Sunleaf, Kelly Poole, Terry Letsche, Rob Marquardt, Caroline & Jim Druschke, Dave Marx, Lynn Olsen, Bob Dahlke, Terrell Hale, Al Vandenbergh, Tim Lieder, Jim & Sharon Parcel, Arnie and Louise Duryee, Sue Barnes, Judy Christensen
People I wanted to see but ran out of time: Mariah Mindy Ring, Oren P. Phipps
Imperative To Do: Return cans, put antenna in the attic, clean office, finish Best of 2008, rebates, replace rusted grill parts, clean roof

Vital Statistics

Bike odometer: 2529
Van odometer: 155627
Aches & pains: mosquito bites
Current reading: My Name Is Red by Orhan Pamuk
Recent listening: Collected Works by Simon and Garfunkel, Red Hot + Rhapsody by various artists, Bachbusters by Don Dorsey, The Story by Brandi Carlile, Musique Vol 1 by Daft Punk, The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway by Genesis
Recent viewing: The Prestige, Terminator: Salvation, Rescue Dawn, Star Trek, Rocky Balboa, NBA Conference Playoffs, Witness for the Prosecution, Up, Call of the Wild, The Third Man, The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill
Recent playing: Galcon, Peggle (for iPhone)
Recently accomplished: pulled blackberries, haircut, weed and feed lawn, turned compost, cat boxes, took Ming to vet
Imperative To Do: Read Sam’s script, return cans, put antenna in the attic, clean office, finish Best of 2008

Vital Statistics

Bike odometer: 2529
Van odometer: 155015
Aches & pains: lower back, muscles (moving)
Current reading: My Name Is Red by Orhan Pamuk, Cross-platform GUI Programming with wxWidgets, The Watchmen by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons
Recent listening: No Line on the Horizon by U2, Final Boss by MC Frontalot
Recent viewing: Lost (Seasons 2-5), Medium, Hardball, NBA Playoffs, Rachel Maddow Show
Recent playing: Galcon
Recently accomplished: working in Vancouver, cleaned cat boxes, cleaned van, cardboard recycling, showed Thomas how to mow lawn, showed Graham how to use the edger, equipment salvage in Vancouver office
Imperative To Do: Scouts accounting, turn compost, read Sam’s script, return cans