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Facebook Screen Capture

If you’re not on Facebook, this is a couple of screenshots from my “feed” there. This particular person first became a “fan” of  “Fox Business and 11 others” which included Sean Hannity, Steve Doocy and Fox News. Two minutes later they posted their message opposing the new health care reform law. Subsequent comments revealed that it’s extremely unlikely this person understands anything substantial about the debate.

Prop 8: The Musical

Proposition 8, which amends the California constitution to limit marriage between a man and a woman, was recently passed by voters. Although California was not the first state to do so, it has probably been the most prominent and controversial. Some of Hollywood’s denizens – including John C. Reilly, Jack Black, Neil Patrick Harris and Allison Janney – have responded with musical humor:

First Time Writing With A Mirror?


Ashley Todd "victim" picture
Ashley Todd

In case you don’t recognize this young woman, her name is Ashley Todd and she works for the John McCain campaign. A few days ago she reported being robbed and molested by a black man who, once he deduced that she worked for McCain, became enraged and carved a “B” on her face. She has since confessed to making the whole thing up and inflicting the damage herself. Obviously, she would have gotten away with it if she had just carved an “O”.

Cat vs. Pot Holder

I shot the video when everyone else was out of the house and then showed it to them when they got back. Thomas edited the video and added the sound effects. Note that Rory was doing this for several minutes before I grabbed the camera. Crazy kitten!

Gilmore Girls

I’m not a big fan of ABC Family, but the boys like Full House so the Tivo switches to that channel every morning to record it. One morning last year, I slowly woke to find that I had fallen asleep watching TV on our love sac. Full House had just finished and another show was starting. I hadn’t opened my eyes yet and still had one foot in dreamland but I slowly took notice of the dialog on this show. It reminded me greatly of David Mamet and was chock full of obscure cultural and literary references. I opened my eyes and took in my first episode of The Gilmore Girls. By the third commercial break I had acquired a Season Pass (i.e. I told my Tivo to record every episode on ABC Family) and Tina and I have been fans ever since.

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