Kittens, kittens, kittens

I’ve had a pile of kitten pictures to review for several weeks now and having been doing it a few at a time. Tonight I finished editing and posted them to the Rynosoft Gallery for your viewing pleasure. I started with well over 500 pictures from our three cameras and was able to weed it down to 92. I probably should have cut more but they are just too damned cute! All four of us took pictures so credit goes to everyone. You can view the Photo Properties to see which camera was used. Most of the great shots are from Tina’s PowerShot S2 which Tina and I both use. Some are from my PowerShot S330 which is less than spectacular and the boys use an old Olympus that I scrounged from work. Most of the pictures of the kittens at the beginning of the album were taken by the boys.

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