Waking stream of consciousness

Spent yesterday and most of today camping with the Boy Scouts.
No electricity and I didn’t bring the CPAP.
Noted rustling in the bushes as I drifted off in my tent alone last night.
Woke up in terror sometime later after imagining that I had seen a vicious animal outside my tent and didn’t calm down for a few minutes. I hope I didn’t scream.
During my usual R.E.M. time, I awoke continuously from obstructive apnea. It went on for hours.
Woke up with a headache and a sore throat.
Slept in the van after the boys went trail riding.
Still feel like hell.
Hope to sleep better tonight.

4 Replies to “Waking stream of consciousness”

  1. I’m thinking you did scream (based on past experiences with your night terrors). And anybody that may have heard you was probably scared to say anything!

  2. Haha, Mardy. Your experience with my night terrors is limited to the times in which I did scream. There are many times I awaken and have to convince myself that a shadow is not moving towards me. I’ve done so without screaming.

    However, if I did scream, nobody was nearby. All the boys were in a cabin about 100 feet away and everyone else was sleeping in their cars.

  3. Mick, I sympathize with you. I often have terror dreams where I’m trying as hard as I can to scream but no sound comes out. That is real scary! The “animal” doesn’t have to be vicious–I’ve had racoons on my bed before! Just ask Steve…

  4. Regarding not using your CPAP….I had a couple of out-of-town business trips recently and Steve thought he’d go without his CPAP since I wasn’t home. But then he thought, “Noooo, I really want to SLEEP.” So he used the machine! That is so cool.

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