Lucky Louie

Tina and I just finished watching the first and only season of Lucky Louie the other day. Lucky Louie was a sitcom that ran on HBO a few years ago starring comedian, Louis CK. The show sort of harkens back to the classic sitcom of the 70s but with adult content. The adult content is not necessarily nudity (although there is some of that but never female nudity) and isn’t just about sex. It’s a thoughtful and funny look at situations that adults, and especially parents, sometimes find themselves in. The clip below is a great example of a show-opening scene:

There is a great deal of profanity so if that’s not your bag, you probably shouldn’t watch the show (or this clip).

HBO only aired 12 episodes before the show was cancelled by the DVD release includes a 13th episode. You can find the DVD on Amazon or Netflix. Tina and I both agree it’s one of the funniest shows we’ve ever watched and add it to the list of inexplicably cancelled shows.