Vital Statistics

Bike odometer: 1907

Aches & pains: butt (saddle sore), lower back, right hip (when pedaling)

Current reading: n/a

Recent listening: Waking Up, This American Life, The Joe Rogan Experience, Very Bad Wizards, Hidden Brain, Stuff You Should Know, Electric Light Orchestra

Recent viewing: Bosch, Castle Rock, Sharp Objects, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing MO, The Americans, Darkest Hour, Battle of the Sexes, Who Is America, Ozark

Recent playing: Montezuma Loops

Recent events: Bridge Pedal, Vernak wedding in Iowa, Graham returned for sophomore year

Recently accomplished: 25 miles/week riding, mowed lawn, laundry, planted grass

Imperative To Do: 100 miles/week riding, clean roof, file manual insurance claims, bariatric surgery, read more