Vital Statistics

Bike miles this year: 874

Aches & pains: right foot (outer edge), shoulders, cold (4 days)

Current reading: n/a

Recent listening: This American Life, JESUS IS KING, Dolly Parton’s America, Pink Floyd

Recent viewing: Conspiracy, Taylor Swift’s Tiny Desk Concert, Saturday Night Live, In the Shadow of the Moon, The Great Hack, Explained (Season 2), Living With Yourself, Travels with My Father

Recent playing: Mini Motorways

Recent events: Mother’s 90th Birthday Party and trip to Iowa, Tina’s 50th Birthday Party (impending), my 53rd birthday

Recently accomplished: Party planning, solution to disallow cat printing, finished deck, dosed cats, resolved dental bills,

Imperative To Do: Read more, clean roof and gutters, clean carpets, call insurance, mop, clean fridge, put away the luggage