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Daily habit goals for 2017

Time Action
08:00 Wake
08:30 Brush teeth
Blood sugar
Start hot water
09:00 Make coffee
Make/eat protein breakfast*
09:15 Begin work
09:30 Medications (second cup)
11:00 Standup
11:30 Lunch: (tbd) calories and (tbd) carbs
13:00 Blood sugar
15:30 Snack
17:30 Chores
18:00 Dinner: (tbd) calories and (tbd) carbs
19:30 Free time for…
…Reading books
…Second walk
22:00 Brush teeth

* eggs, snack pack, peanut butter toast, cottage cheese, string cheese

Porto Alegre, Brazil, February 25, 2011

A few years ago I used to ride with Portland Critical Mass every month. Eventually, the numbers became so small that it seemed pointless to continue. Still, I’ve long felt a kinship with Critical Mass rides everywhere. Thus, seeing the following video taken Friday night in Brazil almost made me cry. One minute into the video, the joy and serenity is replaced with insane violence:

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Inspired Bicycles

I wish I could do these things on a bike but I’d never be crazy enough to try:

Make sure you watch at least until the 3:10 mark.

Morning Bike Ride

Distance: 10.0 miles
Riding time: 57 minutes
Max speed: 29.8 mph
Average speed: 10.4 mph
Temperature: 90º (according to questionable bike computer read)

  • Stanton to 162nd
  • 162nd to I-84 bike path
  • Bike path to Fairview Parkway
  • Fairview Parkway to Sandy
  • Sandy to 223rd
  • 223rd to Marine Drive
  • Marine Drive to 185th Ave
  • 185th to Airport Way
  • Airport Way to 158th
  • 158th to Fremont
  • Fremont to 156th
  • 156th to home
Tina recovered quickly from our soul-sapping ride last week and got back in the saddle on Saturday to ride with Thomas. I was more conservative about my recovery time and didn’t attempt to ride again until today. I felt pretty good the whole way and my legs felt fine going up hills. I had a conference call so I headed for home from Marine Drive but Tina decided to keep going.

Afternoon Bike Ride

Distance: 15.0 miles
Riding time: 99 minutes
Max speed: 22.2 mph
Average speed: 9.0 mph
Temperature: 90º (according to questionable bike computer read)

  • Through the neighborhood to 158th and Sandy Blvd
  • 158th to Marine Drive bike path
  • Bike path past 205 several miles (turnaround)
  • Bike path back to 205
  • I-205 bike path to Fremont
  • Fremont to 122nd
  • 122nd to I-84 bike path
  • Bike path to 162nd
  • 162nd to Stanton
  • Stanton to home
Ever since we knew that I would be working from home, Tina and I have been looking forward to riding our bikes together during the day. We finally did it today and boy did it wear us out. I thought we might go five miles out and then turn around, but Tina was enjoying herself so much that we went another mile. I also decided to take the 205 bike path home which may have been a mistake since it seemed like it was all uphill. When we attempted the last hill at 122nd, my legs had had enough and I simply didn’t have the will to pedal uphill anymore. So we walked up the heavily trafficked hill in the very narrow bike lane gasping for breathe the entire time. The rest of the ride went smoothly but we’re both pretty shot tonight.

My fitness definitely needs some improvement so I’ve been doing some homework on indoor training. After a fair bit of reading, I’ve decided that the best turbo trainer for my ability would be a CycleOps PowerBeam Pro. Extra indoor sessions should make these outdoor rides much easier in the future and also more enjoyable.

Morning Bike Commute

Distance: 11.9 miles
Riding time: 70 minutes
Max speed: 21.6 mph
Average speed: 10.2 mph
Temperature: 75º
Soundtrack: Jimi Hendrix (box set)

  • Stanton to 162nd Ave
  • 162nd to Sandy Blvd
  • Sandy to 158th
  • 158th to Airport Way
  • Airport Way to Interstate 205 bike path
  • Bike path to Old Evergreen Highway
  • Old Evergreen Highway to 164th Ave
  • 164th to 34th Street
  • 34th to 168th Ave
  • 168th/169th Ave to 26th Way
  • 26th Way to Fred Meyer parking lot
  • Fred Meyer parking lot to 167th Ave
  • 167th to work
It’s been three months since the last time I rode to work. I knew I’d have to start riding again but have been dreading/avoiding it because it was so traumatic last time. The good news is that, even though I’m in much worse shape, the ride went much better than last time. Knowing when to expend effort really helps to manage your energy for the entire ride. Also, I was much better prepared for the locker room at the gym after my arrival (last time I had no towel) and that went much smoother, too. I’m looking forward to at least one ride next week!

Leaves were falling, just like embers

I’m sitting beneath the picnic shelter at the Wolf Lodge Campground in the beautiful Idaho panhandle near Lake Coeur d’Alene. Today it’s just me and the dog watching over the camp as everyone else in our party cavorts at the Silverwood Theme Park and Boulder Beach Water Park. I didn’t bring a laptop with me but the dog’s owners brought several so I bummed one for the day. The dog is completely deaf and not a good conversationalist so I will amuse myself with some blogging, assuming this HP laptop doesn’t drive me crazy first (windows keep popping up every minute and it chooses to ignore many of the letters I type).

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Memorial Day Family Bike Ride

Distance: 11.8 miles
Riding time: 98 minutes
Max speed: 20.3 mph
Average speed: 7.2 mph
Temperature: 70º
Soundtrack: n/a

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Happy Mother’s Day

Graham quietly woke me shortly after 7:00 this morning so I could help him prepare our annual “surprise” Mother’s Day breakfast. We made our plan and I advised him that we should wait until at least 8:00 before starting it. Graham watched TV while I napped on the couch until Tina came out at 7:45 asking where everybody had gone. I emphatically told her that she should go back to bed and she eventually understood. Graham and I then went to work making french toast, warm syrup and with orange slices on the side. We served it to Tina in bed but she decided to bring it out to the kitchen since we don’t have a good tray for eating in bed anymore.

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Hey, I recognize that view!

CNN has an article about the bike trail on which Graham crashed a couple of weeks ago.