Ming and Other Pictures

I’ve been working late nights this week and Ming has missed my presence in bed I think. Last night he came out and kept demanding my attention. It was unusual enough when he croaked his meower at me but when he climbed onto my desk it was apparent that he needed attention. After I tried to ignore that, he settled on my Macbook Pro and sat there daring me to remove him. Eventually I was able to convince him to get off my laptop but he sought warmth elsewhere. I snapped a bunch of pictures and as usual a few came out pretty good. I was especially happy with the last few because, up until now, I’ve been unable to get a good picture of his cataracts. He’s totally blind in his left eye and can only see out the edges of his right eye.

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Kittens, kittens, kittens

I’ve had a pile of kitten pictures to review for several weeks now and having been doing it a few at a time. Tonight I finished editing and posted them to the Rynosoft Gallery for your viewing pleasure. I started with well over 500 pictures from our three cameras and was able to weed it down to 92. I probably should have cut more but they are just too damned cute! All four of us took pictures so credit goes to everyone. You can view the Photo Properties to see which camera was used. Most of the great shots are from Tina’s PowerShot S2 which Tina and I both use. Some are from my PowerShot S330 which is less than spectacular and the boys use an old Olympus that I scrounged from work. Most of the pictures of the kittens at the beginning of the album were taken by the boys.

Pictures from Iowa

The long weekend gave me some time to catch up on a few things including flipping through some pictures I took in Iowa and Minnesota. You can check them out here.

Update 9/4: This morning I discovered a bunch of pictures that I had not gone through yet. I’ll update the gallery with those soon.

Update 9/5: I added more photos and re-arranged the ones that were there. Some photos are missing captions but it’s mostly done.

Flowers for Mom

Last night I got home a little early and decided to take advantage of the sunlight. While I mowed the front yard and trimmed the weeds, Graham came out and asked if he could pick some flowers for Tina. I said sure and he set about cutting off roses, rhododendron blooms and whatever else he could find in the yard. Thomas came out after a little while and suggested that arranging them nicely for a picture would make good wallpaper for Tina’s computer. Soon they were both enthusiastically arranging flowers for pictures. The results were pretty good. The light was low but some of the details are nice. I also added a few photos to my Spring Flowers album on Flickr.

Go ahead, let your hair down

Tina’s mom, Jan, is in town this week to help Uncle Buddy with some landscaping at his (relatively) new house. Last night the six of us went to Delta Cafe for an early dinner and then I took Tina and the boys to the Rhododendron Garden. The rhodies are blooming yet, but there were around 10 different varieties of wood fowl in evidence. Both boys really enjoyed trying to get close to the ducks. We walked around for over an hour before the sun started to set and we went home.

A loyal reader recently reported that she had problems leaving a comment. I think I fixed the problem so if you’ve had problems in the past, please don’t hesitate to comment again. I crave feedback!

Last night I finally got around to putting some flag football pictures up at the Rynosoft Gallery. Check ’em out.


I’ve taken a number of pictures in recent years that didn’t really fit in at the Rynosoft Gallery because it mostly contains family photos. Recently I discovered that Flickr, a free service from Yahoo!, is an excellent way to store and share your photos online. I started Flickr page for several of my photo projects, including this set documenting my last trip to the sleep clinic.

Flickr has some nifty features like the ability to add notes right on the photo (as in this example, specifying the geographical location of a photo, tagging photos with searchable keywords, organizing photos into sets and a bunch of other stuff I haven’t checked out yet. It’s really well done.