Saga of the New Tivo, Part I

In October I decided that a really good gift for Tina’s birthday would be a DirecTV Tivo (DTivo). As you may know from previous posts, we already have a DTivo in our living room that we love. We had a plain old DirecTV (DTV) receiver in the bedroom, but Tina was frequently heard to say, “I wish I had Tivo in the bedroom!” I should note here that Tina spends a lot of time in our bedroom because her craft center is in there as well as her computer.

I briefly considered buying a standalone Tivo with a built-in DVD recorder because Tina also longs for a DVD player in the bedroom. However, standalone Tivos have to work with an existing satellite receiver and will only record a single channel. Ultimately, I decided that the most user friendly solution would be to get another DTivo which doesn’t require an additional receiver and lets you record two channels simultaneously.

After surfing the web and absorbing the state of the Tivo market for a few days, I decided that I would return to my favorite Tivo upgrader, Weaknees. Weaknees specializes in kits that let you trick out your Tivo in a variety of ways. Last year I purchased a hard drive upgrade kit that I used to increase our Tivo’s capacity from 35 hours to 105 hours.

Weaknees is currently offering DTivo units that have had hard drive upgrades for the same cost as a non-upgraded unit from DTV. I eventually settled on the 80 hour unit and had it shipped a week before Tina’s birthday. It arrived a couple of days before and I had to give Tina some lame explanation about what it was. I planned to install it on her birthday and have it ready for her that day as a “surprise.”

Next: “Well, it started out that easy.”

What I got for Christmas

  • Gift card for Tower Records turned into greatest hits CDs:
    • The Carter Family
    • Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys
    • Michael Martin Murphy
  • Box of Botticelli Masterpiece chocolates
  • Crooked Fingers CD
  • gift certificate turned into CDs
    • Imagine by John Lennon
    • Kindred Spirits: A Tribute to Johnny Cash
    • Rid of Me by P.J. Harvey
    • House of Large Sizes
  • gift certificate turned into CDs and books:
    • Especially for You by The Smithereens
    • Fight Songs by Old 97’s
    • Still Feel Gone by Uncle Tupelo
    • No Prima Donna: A Tribute to Van Morrison
    • Postville by Stephen G. Bloom
    • High Fidelity by Nick Hornby
    • Flavius Josephus by Josephus
    • The Professor and the Madman by Simon Winchester
    • The Complete Tales and Poems of Edgar Allan Poe
  • Update 1/3: I almost forgot that my lovely wife bought matching gear hoodies for me just before Christmas.