Vital Statistics

Bike odometer: 2567
Aches & pains: sore sinuses
Current reading: Timeline by Michael Crichton, Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom by Corey Doctorow
Recent listening: Fairground Attraction, Essential Rarities by The Doors, Love and Rockets, Live at the Olympia by R.E.M.
Recent viewing: Jericho (Season One), Beef, Overnight, Capturing the Freedmans, Orgazmo, Everest: Beyond the Limit (Season Two), Die Hard, NFL Wildcard Playoffs
Recent playing: geoDefense, Link4 Online
Recently accomplished: Christmas tree recycling, grocery shopping, replaced furnace filters
Imperative To Do: Clean gutters, hook up antenna in the attic, get passport, clean office, clean roof, fix bathroom door (again)

Misheard Lyrics

I recently discovered a new phenomena (at least new to me) on YouTube called “misheard lyrics.” The idea is to take a song where the lyrics are indistinguishable and caption it with incorrect (and presumably humorous) lyrics. Because it’s a video format, it is also necessary to add visual elements which also help convey the incorrect lyrics. Here’s a classic example:

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