Vital Statistics

Bike miles in 2021: 0

Aches & pains: Right shoulder

Current reading: Against Empathy by Paul Bloom

Recent listening: YNAB podcast, Radiolab, Hidden Brain, Making Sense with Sam Harris

Recent viewing: Curb Your Enthusiasm, Mare of Easttown, Succession, Dune (2021), The Shrink Next Door, Finch, Foundation, The Morning Show, Invasion, The Velvet Underground, Jonathan Creek, 63 Up

Recent playing: n/a

Recent events: visited Thomas in San Francisco, Tina’s knee operation, COVID booster

Recently accomplished: Bass lessons/practice, finished drainage projects, gutter cleaning (again), leaf and needle removal, replaced shed roof, Xmas travel planning, unclogged the bathroom sink, fixed Bobby’s trailer, winterization

Imperative To Do: Revisit roof replacement, go on a bike ride, thoroughly clean the Scion interior, CRV body damage repair, Xmas shopping

Vital Statistics

Bike miles in 2021: 0

Aches & pains: Neck (occasional but severe), back spasms

Current reading: Thing Explainer by Randall Munroe, Invest Like a Pro

Recent listening: YNAB podcast, This American Life, Very Bad Wizards, Sound Opinions, Radiolab

Recent viewing: Mr. Corman, Ted Lasso, Muhammad Ali (Ken Burns), The Morning Show, Catch and Kill

Recent playing: n/a

Recent events: first rain since June

Recently accomplished: Finished refurbishing the picnic table, bass lessons/practice, grass planting, ongoing drainage work, gutter cleaning, tree trimming

Imperative To Do: Contact kitchen contractor for warranty items, revisit roof replacement, finish drainage projects, replace the shed roof

Vital Statistics

Bike miles in 2021: 0

Aches & pains: sciatica (left thigh tingling, waking from sleep on my back, morning stiffness)

Current reading: Thing Explainer by Randall Munroe

Recent listening: The House Song by Beta Band, Come Together by The Beatles, Accidental Tech Podcast, Hidden Brain, WTF Podcast (Kristen Hersh), Very Bad Wizards, Making Sense with Sam Harris

Recent viewing: Mythic Quest, The Mosquito Coast, Hacks, Childrens Hospital, Lakers vs. Suns playoffs, Miranda, 1971: The Year That Music Changed

Recent playing: Mini Motorways

Recent events: Started bass lessons with Graham, annual physical (all good), bought an RB60 spreader

Recently accomplished: opened Roth IRA, planted sunflowers, cleaned the floors, poa trivialis removal, compost harvest, switched mobile carriers

Imperative To Do: ride bike, store CD boxes, contact kitchen contractor for warranty items, clean gutters, visit J&J

The moon is in a phase and I guess that I am too

Last night Graham and Thomas had their final orchestra concert of the year. In anticipation of the event, several months ago I invited my mother to visit us at this time so that she could attend. Graham’s fourth grade orchestra was the first to play and they did a very nice job of showing how much they had improved during the year. After they took their bow, they all started off stage to make room for the fifth grade orchestra. As Graham stood near the edge of the stage waiting for the rest of the kids to move, he chatted and laughed with his nearby friends. I looked away for a second to talk to Tina and then we heard a crash in front of the stage followed by a gasp from the audience. Somebody fell. Tina asked, “Who fell?” Scanning the group near the commotion, I realized Graham was no longer on stage. “It’s Graham!” I told her as she stood and then rushed down the stairs to the stage.

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Sitting cross-legged on the floor

Last weekend Thomas and Graham competed in the district pinewood derby races. Graham didn’t place, but Thomas came in 3rd in his division. He was actually disappointed at not doing better. There were also a number of other activities that we did in between races, including CO2 rockets. What fun those are!

Graham continues to get seriously into listening to music. Mostly he listens to They Might Be Giants and The Bobs, but he still asks me for a Song of the Day every few days. He’s proud that he has learned the words to many TMBG songs.

Thomas is still very interesting in learning how to program computers. He found a bug in one of the examples in the Logo book I got for him and has decided that fixing the bug will be his first test. He spends a lot of time in his room playing Runescape, an online role-playing game, with his friends. Occasionally, he’ll move over and play his bass for awhile. I love that he does it for enjoyment.

Tina and I have gone back to Phase I of the South Beach diet and have started losing weight again. Last week I lost 4 lbs. and feel confident that I’ll be up to 60 lbs. lost soon. Tina’s already there. We’ve decided we’re not celebrating until we get to 75 lbs.

This weekend Thomas and I were supposed to go camping with his Boy Scout troop, but somebody messed up on the reservations. Instead, they are having three consecutive day camps at a nearby park. The next weekend, Thomas and I are biking out to adjustable dumbbells Oxbow Park with the troop for another weekend of camping. It’s about a 14 mile ride, so it will be interesting to see how all the boys handle it. They’re young so they should be fine.

In a few weeks, Critical Path is moving offices. The new office is just across the street from us.