Morning Bike Commute

Distance: 11.0 miles
Riding time: 55 minutes
Max speed: 27.2 mph
Average speed: 11.8 mph
Temperature: 72º

  • 162nd to Halsey
  • Halsey past I-84 overpass
  • 80th to Glisan
  • Glisan to 76th
  • 76th to Everett
  • Everett/Davis to Floral Place
  • Floral Place across Burnside to Ankeny
  • Ankeny to Grand
  • Grand to Burnside
  • Burnside to Broadway
  • Broadway to office

This was the second morning in a row that I took this route (instead of jumping on the Max). I mostly felt good but lagged on some of the hills. All the aches and pains from the weekend are gone and it was much cooler than yesterday (when I looked down to see 93º on the bike computer). Overall, a beautiful ride.