Ming and Other Pictures

I’ve been working late nights this week and Ming has missed my presence in bed I think. Last night he came out and kept demanding my attention. It was unusual enough when he croaked his meower at me but when he climbed onto my desk it was apparent that he needed attention. After I tried to ignore that, he settled on my Macbook Pro and sat there daring me to remove him. Eventually I was able to convince him to get off my laptop but he sought warmth elsewhere. I snapped a bunch of pictures and as usual a few came out pretty good. I was especially happy with the last few because, up until now, I’ve been unable to get a good picture of his cataracts. He’s totally blind in his left eye and can only see out the edges of his right eye.

I’ve been carrying my Canon (purchased in 2001) less because my iPhone has a built-in, albeit crappy, camera. I’ve become quite enamored of the ability to instantly upload a picture from the iPhone to Flickr, so I have quite a few on-the-spot type pictures populating my Flickr account lately. Even though they often come out grainy (especially in low light), it’s still pretty cool documenting an event as it happens.

The other reason I’ve neglected the Canon is because it has been entirely replaced for shooting video by the Flip I got for my birthday in September. I can take it anywhere since it fits easily in a pocket but sometimes I just set it on a shelf, point it at the boys (or cats), hit “record” and let it run for 20 or 30 minutes. It’s probably unwatchable for most people right now but in 10 or 20 years I think I’ll be glad that I did it. Soon I’ll have to comb through the hours of video that I have collected in the last few months and post a few videos on YouTube, but that’s going to have to be another night’s work.