Fun with the iTunes “search box”

Here’s a fun little exercise you can do in iTunes:

  1. In iTunes, click on your music library in the sidebar.
  2. Turn on shuffle, ensure that you have “By Songs” selected in the Shuffle menu (which is in Controls in the main menu)
  3. Type the first word that comes to mind in the search box
  4. Play one of the songs that is displayed
  5. Pick a new word or name from the currently playing song, type that word into the search box
  6. Listen
  7. When song changes, repeat 5

Note that in step 5 that you must pick a word that will include the currently playing song or iTunes will get confused and stop playing after the song is over. Obviously, having a large music library (23847 songs for me) and lots of metadata helps make the game interesting.

If those directions aren’t clear, these are the songs from the most recent time I played this “game”:

  1. “Marching Theme” from On Avery Island by Neutral Milk Hotel
  2. “When the Saints Go Marching In” from Masters of Reality by Masters of Reality
  3. “Can’t Run But” from The Rhythm of the Saints by Paul Simon
  4. “Amity” from Reflections (Carly Simon’s Greatest Hits) by Carly Simon and Sally Taylor
  5. “Soldiers” from Mud Slide Slim and the Blue Horizon by James Taylor
  6. “Ambulance Blues” from On The Beach by Neil Young
  7. “Redondo Beach” from Horses by Patti Smith

The search terms I typed in were “marching”, “Saints”, “Simon”, “Taylor”, “Blue”, “Beach”